Gamma Digital Fabrication

Cutting Edge Digital Fabrication for Interactive Activations, Experiences, Commercials and Events

What do you make?

About Gamma

We are a Digital Fabrication Company located in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in working with production teams to materialize complex installations in varied mediums with insanely fast deadlines.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use Computer Controlled Tools like CNC Mills, Lasers, and soon to add Robotic Milling Capabilities 

Prototyping and Fabrication

We can assist on projects from early prototyping to full scale production and installation.  

What do you want to make today?   Everything, John, Everything

We’re better at making things with robots than we are at making “quotes”  

- President (of the United States... of funk)



Making stuff is cool.

Doppler – Sculpture
Wendell Castle Museum Platforms
Brooklyn Mirage – City Fox
BarkBox Fireworks
TSMC – Commercial
Absolut – Mondrian LED Floor